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Amorphous honey Regina Stupului 250g

Our honey comes from TRADITIONAL BEEKEEPERS, is 100% of Romanian origin 🇷🇴, without other honey mixtures coming from EU and non-EU countries, and is presented in various weights and assortments.

Premium quality

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The glass jars of 250 grams have an elegant appearance, contain high quality honey, its taste and smell are extremely aromatic and fragrant.

100% product of Romanian origin 🇷🇴

Amorpha fruticosa (popularly called small acacia or red acacia) is a shrub with a height of 1-3 m, which grows on eroded lands, sandy soils and in temporarily flooded areas. Therefore, it is found in abundance in certain areas on the banks of the Danube and in Delta.The flowers are small, reddish-purple-blue, grouped in spikes of 7-15 cm and bloom in June-July.

Amorphous honey is a general tonic with acacia-like characteristics.

The color of amorphous honey is reddish-orange in fluid state and pale orange in crystallized state. The taste is sweet, with a specific and suave fragrance. In the crystallized state it has a fine grain.

The crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon and is a guarantee that honey is 100% natural.

Quality : PREMIUM

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