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Amorphous honey Regina Stupului 380g

Our honey comes from TRADITIONAL BEEKEEPERS, is 100% of Romanian origin 🇷🇴, without other honey mixtures coming from EU and non-EU countries, and is presented in various weights and assortments.

Premium quality

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The glass jars of 380 grams have an elegant appearance, contain high quality honey, its taste and smell are extremely aromatic and fragrant.

100% product of Romanian origin 🇷🇴

Amorphous honey is a general tonic, with characteristics similar to the assortment of white acacia honey, as mentioned earlier.

It contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, enzymes, aromatic compounds, phytohormones, organic acids (lactic, malic, oxalic, citric), flavones, flavonoids, dextrin, nitrogen compounds.

Amorphous honey has antiseptic properties, helping to relieve and treat cough. In addition, dwarf acacia honey can successfully contribute to treating several conditions, such as: asthma, cold, ulcer, bronchial infections, pneumonia, convalescence, rheumatism, blood circulation disorders, cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, memory disorders, etc.

The properties of this assortment resemble those of the common acacia (the white one), given that they are two related species.

The crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon and is a guarantee

Quality : PREMIUM

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Weight 380 kg