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Linden Honey Regina Stupului 380g

Our honey comes from TRADITIONAL BEEKEEPERS, is 100% of Romanian origin 🇷🇴, without other honey mixtures coming from EU and non-EU countries, and is presented in various weights and assortments.

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The glass jars of 380 grams have an elegant appearance, contain high quality honey, its taste and smell are extremely aromatic and fragrant.

100% product of Romanian origin🇷🇴

The qualities of linden honey also differ depending on the location from where it is picked or the weather (sometimes due to rains during harvesting, linden honey is more diluted).

Due to the significant amount of pollen contained and the specific flavor, some people have an allergy, in this case the consumption of linden honey is contraindicated.

Therapeutic properties of linden honey:

– due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects it is a good remedy for cough, cold, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, tuberculosis;– calms nervous states and is a good remedy against stress and insomnia;– has positive effects in case of febrile states;– intervenes in treating kidney diseases;– due to its high content in vitamins and amino acids intervenes in removing fatigue;– has a beneficial action in treating wounds and burns.

The crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon and is a guarantee that honey is 100% natural.

The linden tree is one of the trees most known by Romanians, both for the inviting smell it gives off once it blooms and for the aromatic tea prepared from linden flowers after they have been dried. In general, the consumption of linden flower products is associated with benefits such as strengthening the immune system, anti-inflammatory effect, regulating intestinal transit, as well as relieving cold and flu symptoms. What may be less well known is that it’s not just people who have a special preference for linden flowers. As strange as it may sound, in nature there are creatures that have an affinity for linden, processing the nectar of flowers into a product that we have all consumed at least once in our lives. Surely you have figured out what it is all about … Bees, the only creatures that produce food for us, humans!

Linden honey as an assortment

Obtaining linden honey is not a difficult process – at least not in our country. Given that there are many linden forests in Romania, Romanian beekeepers manage to obtain significant quantities of honey from this assortment, exporting to the rest of Europe. The hives are specially positioned around these trees in order to provide as much proximity as possible to linden flowers. Thus, linden honey is generally a monofloral honey, because bees mainly harvest nectar from these flowers. The result is a yellow-golden honey with an intense sweet taste and an unmistakable fragrance, easily distinguishable from other types of honey.

Benefits of linden honey on health

Since ancient times, linden honey has been used as a natural antibiotic to prevent diseases and maintain thriving health. Linden honey is very good in terms of therapeutic potential. It can relieve nervous system problems, anxiety, depression and even insomnia. A teaspoon of linden honey consumed before bedtime is much more effective than taking any other sleeping pill. Moreover, linden honey is famous for its action on the respiratory system, having the ability to stimulate and ease mucus secretion, which makes it useful in treating laryngitis, bronchitis, cough and throat irritation. Honey is an ingredient with special cosmetic virtues. Adding linden honey to the composition of facial masks can prevent and relieve acne due to its high content in antioxidants, and a hair mask with linden honey helps you achieve a moisturizing effect.

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